Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Photo Shoot

Hi I’m Harrie, I started at Dibor on 31 October 2011 (Halloween, I know, what
a day to start a new job)!However, rather than a horror show, my work at Dibor has been great! I enjoy working in such a creative role within a fantastic company.
As a designer I deal with various creative elements. This can be anything from designing and producing e-mails and web updates to flyers and brochures. Follow this link to register if you haven’t already! 
Other aspects include the production of images on location (sounds good doesn’t it)! We recently completed a photo shoot for new products. My main focus was the styling for the shoot. We want the Dibor products to look as good as they really are; therefore we need to get good images in order for the customer to really appreciate the products. This was tricky at first as our location was covered in a thick blanket of fog – not good lighting for photography. No matter how much styling work goes in, that amount of fog was not allowing us to capture the products to the full potential we knew we could achieve. However, the eagerly anticipated sun we hoped would make an appearance finally shone through! This is my favorite image of the shoot. What a great item for the garden, perfect for summer flowers!  

Cote Jardin Crate         
W161  £21.00

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Has Summer arrived early?

Honey Bee Stemmed Glass £5.60

Hi All,

Kirsty here in the Customer Services Department.

I am wandering given the glorious weather outside the Dibor offices this afternoon whether it may be time to take the plunge and delve into the depths of the shed to drag out the garden furniture that has been sitting dormant since last year….

After all that hard work, i think i should be able to treat myself to a glass of something fizzy and it would be a shame not to take advantage of the current 20% off the Honey Bee Stemmed Glasses. Reduced from £7 to £5.60 they boast fantastic quality featuring a Honey Bee motif.  These things must be done in style, right?  

   Kirsty x
  Customer Services

New Designer

As I near my sixth month of employment here at Dibor, I feel it is time to introduce myself to the people my work is produced for.

My name is Richard Morton, my role with Dibor is to design the brochures and supplements that go out to our customers. This includes work for House Beautiful, Period Living, Ideal Home, Country Living and Country Homes & Interiors, as well as the brochures we mail directly to you.

Having been through the bedding in period, I now feel like I know the brand well. While I may not necessarily be the archetypal Dibor customer (I'm male, 26), I have to say I've found the brand really interesting to work with. The rustic character lends itself to experimentation with texture, while the French style from the early part of the last century is a dream to work with.

I will soon be commencing work on the next customer catalogue, which you can expect to receive in late April (if you are not on the mailing list, you can sign up on our website
I cannot wait to get started on this, and I think it will be the best yet. It will be full of brand new photography and many new products perfect for the summer months. I'm also looking at adding a one off design feature that you will not see anywhere else, but I will keep that under wraps for the time being!

It's been a great first few months with Dibor and I would love to hear feedback from anyone who has an opinion on the print output I've produced.
Positive, negative or indifferent - all feedback is good feedback, and invaluable in making sure my work is tailored especially for you.

We will be keeping regular blog updates from various members of staff, detailing the plans and upcoming developments for Dibor.
My next post will be about the recent photoshoot, including behind the scenes images and a rundown of how we achieve the stylised photography that makes up our collection.

For the time-being, I'd better get back to work.
Enjoy the sunshine if you can.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Best Selling Easter Gift

Exclusive to Dibor - Farmhouse Style Egg Cabinet

Dimensions: Height 24cm  Width 21cm Depth 12.5cm

By far our best selling egg storage solution, is this lovely and stylish wooden egg cabinet. With hand painted finish, a chickenwire mesh door, and decorative metal trunk style handle to the top. A great gift idea for those who indulge in country style living, live on a farm and enjoy eggs for breakfast! Fantastic quality and a thoughtful gift that you will most certainly not find on the high street.